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Open Firmware is the name given to the IEEE-1275 Standard for Boot (Initialization Configuration) Firmware: Core Requirements and Practices.

Firmware is typically stored in read-only memory (ROM) and executed immediately after a computer is turned on. The most familiar version is the standard PC x86 BIOS.

Open Firmware is essentially a specification for a largely machine-independent BIOS based on ANS Forth that is capable of probing and initializing plug-in cards that have on-board IEEE-1275 compliant Fcode in their ROMs.

The Open Firmware Working Group is an ad-hoc organization that promotes Open Firmware by publishing bindings, clarifications, extensions, and working practice documents to the IEEE 1275 standard.

The IEEE-1275 Open Firmware standard was not reaffirmed by the OFWG and has been officially withdrawn by IEEE. Unfortunately, this means it is unavailable from the IEEE.


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